Mortar and Pestle Alchemy decor Spiritual tools Witch Mortar pestle Gothic decor Witch altar decor W

Mortar and Pestle, Alchemy decor, Spiritual tools, Witch Mortar pestle, Gothic decor, Witch altar decor, Witchcraft decor, Gothic wedding gift, Pagan decor, Gypsy decor, Wicca decor, Altar herbs tools, Witchy black stuffPerfect gift for Gothic girl, Witchy girl or Gypsy girlMortar and Pestle is first painted with primer paint and then with acrylic black color and with silver patina (discreetly). Materials: wood, primer paint, acrylic paints, silver patina, lacquer.Dimensions: diameter 8,5 cm x 9 cm (heig

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